Cuba Birding Tours

Cuba Birding Tours

Birdlife is one of the hidden treasures of Cuba, with more than 354 species, 21 of which are endemic, such as the charming Cuban Tody (Todus multicolor), and the Cuban Trogon (Priotelus temnurus, the national bird), and many other Caribbean specialties. Probably the main star is the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae), the smallest bird on the entire planet. There is a good opportunity to spot migratory birds from North America, flying hundreds of miles too, overwinter, and looking for the Cuban sun. Who blames them? You can start planning your Cuba birding tour right away. We offer a selection of tours designed to extensively cover Cuba’s birdlife. Choose your favorite from our list of private and small group birding tours. On the other hand, if you can’t find an itinerary that suits your expectations and requirements just let us know and we’ll set up a bespoke tour for you and your party. In our birding tours, you will be escorted by our birding expert. In addition to that, we’ll hire the best and most experienced local guides in each area we’ll visit, who will team up with your Cuba 360 specialist to make sure you get the most out of each location.

Who We Support

Cuba 360 is a proud member and supporter of the Ariguanabo Foundation, a nonprofit (and privately run) organization dedicated to the rescue and preservation of the Ariguanabo river and promoting environmental awareness among the new generations. By taking one of our tours, you’ll have a direct and positive impact in the efforts to achieve such goal of protecting our green legacy. Thank you!

Private Cuba Birding Tours

Share a holiday with your family, friends, or your birding club pals.

Birding Days

Visiting: Havana + San Diego de los Baños + Zapata Swamp + Camaguey + Najasa + Moron + Cayo Coco Duration: 11 days, 10 nights Price: starting $2080 /per person

Cuban Wings

Visiting: Havana + San Diego de los Baños + Viñales + Zapata Swamp + Trinidad + Camaguey + Najasa + Moron + Cayo Coco Duration: 15 days, 14 nights Price: starting $2730 /per person

Small Group Cuba Birding Tours

The easy way to meet other fellow birders.

Cesar Birding Special

Visiting: Havana + San Diego de los Baños + Zapata Swamp + Camaguey + Najasa + Cayo Coco Duration: 12 days, 11 nights Price: starting $2300/ per person Group size: 2 - 12 people

Our Birding Tours Host

Julio Cesar Suarez

Tour leader and ornithologist

With over 25 years of experience guiding birding tours around Cuba, Julio is an expert in his field. Some of his hobbies include botanic, reptiles, and butterflies. He has been featured in several ornithology magazines, websites, and travel guides, including Lonely Planet.

Small group tours scheduled for 2023

If you are interested in a private birding tour, please get in touch with us.



April 15th - April 26th
Cesar Birding Special
Spots Available


May 12th - May 23rd
Cesar Birding Special
Spots Available


November 22nd - Dec 3rd
Cesar Birding Special
Confirmed/Spots Available


December 18th - 29th
Cesar Birding Special
Spots Available



January 8th - January 22nd
Cuban Wings Tour
Confirmed/Spots Available


February 13th - February 24th
Cesar Birding Special
Spots Available


March 14th - March 25th
Cesar Birding Special
Spots Available

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