Birding days

Birding Days



11 days/ 10 Nights

Tour leader and local experts

Entrance fees to different protected areas

Legal travel for U.S. citizens

Private air-conditioned transportation

Accommodation in Casa's and/or hotels

Ensuite bathrooms

All breakfasts and lunches included

Group of 2-12 people

Tour Pricing

Based on staying in Casa’s/B&B’s at double or twin rooms (Hotel upgrades available on request)


(2 people)

(1 room)


(3-4 people)

(2 rooms)


(5-6 people)

(3 rooms)


(7-8 people)

(4 rooms)


(9-10 people)

(5 rooms)

Please, get in contact with us if your party is bigger than 10 people.


USD $250 for each extra room

Tour Overview

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Included activities

Your choice of accommodation

You should know that we have priced this tour staying in Casa’s (the Cuban equivalent of a B&B). We strongly believe this is an ideal way to gain an insight into the country and its people. Of course, you can always request to upgrade your accommodation to hotels.

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Airport transfers

We’ll get sorted your transfers from the airport to your accommodation and vice versa. Just relax and enjoy your flight, leave the rest in our hands.

Local English-speaking guide

You don’t speak Spanish? That’s not a problem. Your English speaking guide will be there for you every step of the way, like a long time friend showing you their magical country.

Meals included

Where meals are included we aim to showcase the best of Cuban cuisine by frequenting the growing number of paladares (privately owned restaurants). Where meals are not included, your guide and our team will be happy to make recommendations and reservations as required.

Private air-conditioned transportation

All the transportation needed to carry out the activities in your itinerary is warrantied, including transfers between destinations. Depending on the size of your party, we’ll be using different types of vehicles to ensure comfort.

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A selection of Activities and excursions

We have hand selected a list of activities for you to enjoy while touring Cuba. We believe these activities will give you a good grasp at what Cuba has to offer. There is also enough flexibility for you to choose other options in order to fit your interests and expectations during the trip.

Download our Birding Days tour brochure here:

Tour Itinerary

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Welcome to Cuba! A member of Cuba 360 will pick you up at the airport, look for our logo with your name on it (or the name of the person in your party who booked the holiday). Next, you will be transferred to your accommodation.


After breakfast, depart to San Diego de Los Baños, a small town in Pinar del Rio province, 90 min west of Havana. Some stops will me make on the way for birding opportunities. In the area around San Diego, we can find more than 100 species of birds, with a high percentage of endemics.

Main targets in the area:

Cuban Solitaire, Olive-capped Warbler, Giant Kingbird, Fernandina’s Flicker, Scaly-napped Pigeon, Cuban Grassquit, Cuban Pygmy Owl, Gundlach’s Hawk, Stygian Owl.


Our first stop of the day is Las Terrazas, a small community and biosphere reserve hidden by the Sierra del Rosario mountains.

Main targets in the area:

Stygian Owl, Cuban Grassquit and some endemics like: Fernandina’s Flicker and Cuban Pygmy Owl.

Zapata Swamp is, undoubtedly, the best bird watching area in Cuba, and possibly the entire Caribbean region. It supports all but three of Cuba’s 23 avian endemics, as well as many other native species, both winter residents and transients, along with several summer and spring visitors (which breed in Cuba but return south in fall). Over 270 species have been reported in the area.


Depart for La Turba. This is a marsh habitat. We’ll be visiting the Bee Hummingbird’s House, a privately run and small refuge where we’ll have the best chances to encounter the endemic specie, the smallest bird in the world. We’ll find some other species of warblers. We’ll also have a walk around Soplillar, a unique trail where we’ll be spotting Cuban Nightjars, Bared Legged Owl, Fernandina’s Flicker and Stygyan Owl.

Main targets in the area:

Zapata Wren, Bee Hummingbird, Zapata Sparrow, Cuban Nightjar, Bared Legged Owl and Red-shouldered Blackbird.


Depart to Bermeja (a fauna refuge with National Significance), an open area with royal and cabbage palms, brush, and shrubbery, 7 miles (12 km) north of Playa Girón. Bermeja has one of the largest number of endemic birds per square mile in the world.

Main targets in the area:

Fernandina’s Flicker, Cuba’s two endemic owls (Cuban Pygmy-Owl and Bare-legged Owl), Cuban Nightjar, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Parakeet, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Tody.


Birding in the morning. Depart to Camaguey in the aternoon.
Welcome to the maze! Camaguey (originally named Puerto Principe) was the 4th village founded by the Spanish crown on the southern coast of the region where it’s settled now. It was relocated in 1528, after some native rebellions and pirate attacks, being the last the reason why the city was designed like a maze, in order to confuse the attackers.


Depart to Najasa, a biosphere reserve. Among the birds that can be observed in the area are: Plain Pigeon, Palm Crow, Cuban Parrot, and many endemics, including the elusive Gundlach’s Hawk. After lunch, depart for
Continue to Moron, Moron, a small town founded in the first half of the 16th century that stills preserves buildings that match its age. Moron is only 30 miles away from Cayo Coco, which makes it the perfect base to for our birdwatching adventure in the area.

Main targets in the area:

Plain Pigeon, Palm Crow, Cuban Parrot and Gundlach’s Hawk.


Cayo Coco is the second-largest key in Cuba (recently connected to the mainland by a rock-fill road). It’s mostly covered by semideciduous forests; there are also mangroves, coastal shrub, patches of grass, and lagoons. A total of over 200 species has been reported, including many Cuban rarities with several new birds to add to our list: Cuban Gnatcatcher, a race of Zapata Sparrow, and Oriente Warbler. Also, other birds will be sought, including Western Spindalis and Cuban Bullfinch. There are many waders and one of the largest populations of American Flamingo in the Caribbean. In fall Merlin and Peregrine Falcon are not uncommon.

Main targets in the area:

Cuban Gnatcatcher, a race of Zapata Sparrow, Piping Plover, Key West Quail-Dove and Oriente Warbler.


Birding around Cayo Guillermo. The main habitats of this key are sandy-coast vegetation and mangroves. Well over 100 species have been reported in the area, including Thick-billed Vireo (a described endemic subspecies cubensis) and Bahama Mockingbird (very rare in this area), among them.

Main targets in the area:

Thick-billed Vireo, Bahama Mockingbird, Mangrove Cuckoo, Cuban Gnatcatcher, Clapper Rail and West Indian Whistling Duck.


Travel day! Let’s make our way back to Havana, with stops for birding along the way.


Transfer to Havana’s International airport. It’s time to say goodbye to Cuba, at least for now. It’s sad to see you go back to your country, but this adventure together has come to an end. We hope to see you again in our country, until then: Take care, we’ll miss you 😊.

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Some useful information

Estimated travel times

  • Havana’s Airport to accommodation: 30 minutes
  • Havana to San Diego de los Baños: 2 hours
  • San Diego de los Baños to Viñales: 1 hours
  • Havana to Bay of Pigs: 2 hours
  • Bay of Pigs to Camaguey: 6 hours
  • Camaguey to Najasa: 1 hour
  • Najasa to Moron: 3 hours
  • Moron to Cayo Coco:  1 hour
  • Moron to Havana:  5 hours
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Spending money on tour

Everyone spends money at different rates, and in addition to that, many of your major expenses such as accommodation, private transportation between destinations, airport transfers, entrance fees to activities, tour leader and lunches are already included. You’ll just need enough money to cover the rest of your meals, drinks, tips and souvenirs.

If you are looking at the possibility of booking some extra activities you should bring some additional money for that too. Also, some souvenirs are more expensive than others, you might want to bring some nice cigars and rum back home, make sure you include those in your budget calculation as well.

All in all, we recommend bringing around 50 CUC per person per day. The CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is valued 1:1 with the US dollar (not taking into consideration exchange fees, which tipically take the exchange rate down to 87 cents of a CUC for each US dollar).

Accommodation on tour

This tour is priced to stay in Casa’s/ B&B’s. The Casa’s we have hand selected are not exactly as the standard Casa’s you will find in Cuba, we have chosen to partner with them because of their excellent, friendly and reliable service. They are run more like your traditional B&B’s but still offer a unique cultural experience. While they shouldn’t be compared to modern Western hotels, the rooms will have air-conditioning, private en suite facilities, hot and cold water and have generally been recently renovated to a beautiful standard. Location is another important factor; The Casa’s we use are always within walking distance of the city centers, which will give you easy access to restaurants, bars , museums, etc. 

Staying in cuba’s casas particulares is an ideal way to gain an insight into the country and its people.

Not sold on staying at a Casa?

That’s OK, we can certainly look to upgrade your accommodation to 4* or 5* properties, depending on your budget. It is worth noting some accommodation providers in Havana are to be found in older buildings without elevators. If you believe that your physical capabilities will make it difficult to climb stairs, simply let us know. We will be able to find you a suitable alternative.

Travel to Cuba from the U.S.

All of our Cuba Tours are dedicated to supporting the Cuban people, patronizing privately owned small businesses across Cuba. Your itinerary is compliant with current U.S. travel restrictions and is designed to introduce you to the local Cuban people and steer funds towards its citizens. On our Cuba Tours you will stay in Casa Particulares (privately run Cuban B&B’s) and eat at Paladares (privately run restaurants). You will also have the chance to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, listening to their stories, and sharing your own.

For those traveling to Cuba from the U.S. (regardless of nationality), please note that the documentation we will include with your booking (itinerary and receipt of deposit payment) ensures your compliance with current U.S. travel restrictions (515.574 Support for the Cuban People). In addition to retaining your itinerary, please keep records of your booking receipt, airline receipt, and any supplemental insurance purchased. You should retain these copies for 5 years after your travel. Some of our travelers have been asked to furnish these upon application for Global Entry, Pre-Check, and other programs with TSA oversight.

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All of our answers and advice come from experience, not a search engine. The fact that we are a locally based company gives us the kind of access to knowledge no one else has. We know Cuba inside out.

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Enjoy your holiday in your own way. We design itineraries around your interests, time and budget. Let us build your perfect trip from scratch or customize one of our itineraries.


No middleman. Being based in Cuba allows us to provide services or buy directly from the country’s best suppliers. This assures quality and grants us huge discounts – savings that we’re delighted to pass on to our clients.

Highly Recommended: 100% of our Clients Rate us as "Good" or "Excellent"

We are committed to making your tour in Cuba as amazing as possible. We have amassed many fantastic reviews over the years, with clients citing our expertise, attention to detail and professionalism as reasons for their high ratings. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say…


“We did a 7 day experience with Cuba 360 – Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Varadero. Engaged with Cubans throughout and learned tons. Cesar made it so outstanding, right down to learning how to make the very best mojito! Muchas muchas gracias and here’s to a positive future for the people of the US and Cuba!”


“If I could give Cuba 360 more starts I would. These guys go far beyond to make sure you have the best trip. I’m from South Carolina and had a ton of questions about being an American. Cesar was always very quick to provide insight and answer any questions we had…”

Who we support

Cuba 360 is a proud member and supporter of the Ariguanabo Foundation, a nonprofit (and privately run) organization dedicated to the rescue and preservation of the Ariguanabo river and promoting environmental awareness among the new generations.  By taking one of our tours, you’ll have a direct and positive impact in the efforts to achieve such goal of protecting our green legacy. Thank you!